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Review: DX Dragon Fruits Energy Lock Seed (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Dragon Fruits Energy Lock Seed
Premium Bandai Exclusive – March, 2015 & April, 2015 – ¥2,160


In the Movie Taisen Full Throttle film, a mechanized Ryouma Sengoku uses the Dragon Fruits Energy Lockseed to transform into Kamen Rider Duke Dragon Energy Arms. The Lockseed would later reappear as a prototype version in the Gaim Gaiden Kamen Rider Zangetsu film, used by Kamen Rider Tyrant. The toy was released by Premium Bandai in two shipments: March 2015 and April 2015, both for ¥2,160 before shipping or middleman fees.

It’s easy to notice that unlike the clear blue color of all previous Energy Lockseeds, this one is cast in clear red plastic. The toy itself functions like any other Energy Lockseed. Despite featuring the usual Energy Lockseed turn on noise, the typical sounds aren’t in this one. Instead, when the back button is pressed, the toy cycles through six quotes from Ryouma Sengoku from the Full Throttle film. Pressing the side button will go through the usual unlocking sound as well as the unique activation tune for the Dragon Fruits Energy Lockseed. Inserting the Lockseed into the Genesis Driver will activate the energetic “SODA!” sound (unused until now), followed by the really awesome transformation jingle. Pressing once will activate the “Dragon Energy Squash!” while twice will activate the “Dragon Energy Sparking!” attacks. Of course, the Lockseed can be used in the Sonic Arrow as well for a new attack sound. Finally, the Lockseed can be used with the Genesis Core and the Sengoku Driver to create Jimber Dragon Fruits Arms. This mode can activate the “Jimber Dragon Fruits Squash!” “Jimber Dragon Fruits Au Lait!” and “Jimber Dragon Fruits Sparking!” attacks on one, two, and three hits respectively.

Overall, the Dragon Fruits Energy Lockseed is my favorite Lockseed to date, beating out Cherry Energy. The sounds are just too good. Combined with the clear red appearance, the outer design, and the Ryouma phrases, there’s just a lot to like about the end result. This is a must have for all Ryouma fans, and honestly highly recommended for all Lockseed collectors.

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