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Review: DX Forbidden Ringo Lock Seed & Idunn Face Plate (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Forbidden Ringo Lock Seed & Idunn Face Plate
DVD or Blu-Ray Pack-In Bonus – April, 2015 – ¥7,560 or ¥8,640


As if Bandai wasn’t already the king of getting as much money as they can from their fans, Bandai has decided to include an exclusive Lockseed in a special edition version of the Gaim Gaiden Kamen Rider Zangetsu & Kamen Rider Baron film. This isn’t exactly new, as Bandai has included gimmicks in DVD and Blu-Ray releases in the past, none have been quite as sought after as this one. Several fans have been wanting an apple Lockseed since day one. Sure we got the Golden Apple and Silver Apple Lockseeds, but as for a normal run of the mill apple, the Forbidden Ringo (or Forbidden Apple) Lockseed is as close as you get. Unfortunately to get it you had to buy the DVD or Blu-Ray special edition. Both were released in April, 2015 for ¥7,560 and ¥6,860 from Premium Bandai. While originally thought to be exclusive to Premium Bandai, the release went up on stores like Amazon.co.jp and AmiAmi later on for a little bit of a discount.

Included is the Sengoku Driver faceplate for Kamen Rider Idunn, a new female Rider introduced in the Zangetsu portion of the Gaim Gaiden. She uses the Forbidden Ringo Lockseed given to her by Ryouma to transform. It activates the usual “Come On!” Baron sound effect in the Sengoku Driver.

The Lockseed itself is really nice, being of the DX variety with lights and sounds. The red is a nice metallic quality to it that matches well with the gold paint used as accents. The outside is the same mold as the Golden Ringo Lockseed and Silver Ringo Lockseed before it, but the inside is appropriately colored for an apple, and features a new image of the Sword Bringer and Apple Reflector weapons on the bottom. It functions like any other Lockseed with the activation, transformation, and attack noises. Despite being the “Forbidden” Ringo Lockseed, all the shouts are “Ringo Arms!” “Ringo Squash!” and so on and so forth. I have to say though the “Desire Forbidden Fruits” tune is pretty great.

Overall, the Forbidden Ringo Lockseed is that normal Apple Lockseed we’ve always wanted. It’s an unfortunate thing that it cost so much to obtain. Even at discounts you’re looking at at least ¥5,000 or more for this. With any luck they will hit the aftermarket for a more affordable price, but at this point it’s really hard to say. Given the price, I think it is a pretty easy pass, but if you’re a Lockseed completist, be prepared to shell out for this one.

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