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Review: Power Rangers Dino Charge 5″ Action Heroes Wave 5

Power Rangers Dino Charge 5″ Action Heroes Wave 5
$8.99-$9.99 at Most Major Retailers


After four waves of small amounts of figures and repackages, wave 5 finally brings us an entire wave filled with all new figures! Contained in this new assortment is the Dino Drive Modes for the Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, and Pink Ranger, as well as the normal modes for the Gold Ranger, the Graphite Ranger, and the Ptera Charge Megazord. Each figure retails for around $8.99 – $9.99 depending on where you pick them up from.

For those that don’t know, Dino Drive is an upcoming mode in Dino Charge that is more than likely going to be cockpit only, perhaps as a means to harness the power of future Megazord combinations. The design isn’t too drastic of a change from the normal mode, simply gaining a second shoulder pad and chest armor decorated with a Dino Charger on the chest. With that in mind, those are the only new elements of the figures, so those that own the original releases know what to expect. Included with each of them is a clear yellow Dino Charge Morpher and Dino Saber. I really like the design, and the look as figures is great.

The Gold Ranger looks fantastic. Unfortunately his shoulder pads don’t move, so his articulation is a little hindered, but not so much to make it a real flaw. The figure even has the small wings dangling from the back of the suit, just like in the show. Despite having a different design, he fits in perfect with the others. He includes the Gold Ptera Saber (cast in silver plastic) and the Gold Ptera Morpher (cast in gold plastic). Unfortunately the Gold Ptera Morpher doesn’t peg in anywhere on his arm, so a dab of glue might be recommended to keep it stable on his arm.

The Graphite Ranger is noteworthy as this is the first time a poseable figure of Kyoryu Gray was ever released both in the US and in Japan! Having never owned anything of this guy, he’s easily my favorite figure of the bunch. His head sculpt is great, and the paint on the body is really nice. The bronze used on the chest stripe has a nice metallic finish to it that looks nice, as does the silver paint used on the dome of his helmet. Unfortunately, he includes the clear yellow Dino Charge Morpher and Dino Saber. While Kyoryu Gray didn’t use either weapon, there’s a good chance he will in Dino Charge, so it’s a bit of a shame that he didn’t include opaque versions like the other normal mode Rangers.

Finally, the Ptera Charge Megazord is pretty great. Proportions are pretty spot on (better than the Dino Charge Megazord anyway) and there’s enough paint to get the point across. There’s a few elements missing, but given the price of the figure and usual Bandai America paint jobs, I think it looks pretty great. Included are the two blades that peg into his arms. A surprise favorite from the set. Bandai needs to make more of these.

Overall, this wave is nothing short of fantastic. Between five new Dino Drive modes, two new Rangers, and a new Megazord figure, there’s a little bit in this wave for every collector. Since wave two and three only brought us three new figures total, it’s fantastic to get a wave with a whopping eight new figures.  As I said, it’s great to finally have a Kyoryu Gray action figure. Thanks Bandai America!

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