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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Shiny Rayquaza EX Box

Pokémon TCG – Shiny Rayquaza EX Box
$19.99 from Target


We’ve been getting around two of these “EX Box” releases every set for a while now. The first for XY: Ancient Origins is a rehash of Roaring Skies with the Shiny Rayquaza EX Box.  Unlike the original Rayquaza EX Box which contained Promo XY66, this one contains XY69, virtually the same exact card except recolored to represent the shiny version of Rayquaza from the games. This was done to comemmorate the appearance of shiny versions of Primal Groudon EX, Primal Kyogre EX, and M Rayquaza EX in the Ancient Origins expansion. Like all EX Box releases, this set includes a promo card, a jumbo card, and four Booster Packs. As mentioned, the promo included in this box is XY69 of Rayquaza EX, the same found in the last Rayquaza EX Box, but with recolored art. The jumbo included is a bit of a departure, as instead of a Rayquaza EX, we actually get a jumbo version of the M Rayquaza EX found in Ancient Origins (98/98)! The art on that card is stellar, so having a jumbo is certainly worthwhile. It’s also our first jumbo full art card. Booster Packs include two Ancient Origins, one Roaring Skies, and one Primal Clash. For $19.99, you’re looking at about $4.00 for a promo and a jumbo card, so whether that’s worth it is up to you, but XY Promo collectors should take note that the card in here is indeed new. If you can get some good pulls, definitely worth it. Plus the jumbo card is just nice to look at.

[youtube http://youtu.be/GzZgJqwS7GY]

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