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Review: DX Watermelon Lockseed Kamen Rider Zangetsu Set (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Watermelon Lockseed Kamen Rider Zangetsu Set
Premium Bandai Exclusive – May, 2015 and July, 2015 – ¥2,160

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The first Gaim Gaiden feature brought us two new Lockseeds. One was the Ringo Lockseed, which we took a look at earlier. Next up is the Watermelon Lockseed, a Lockseed used by Takatora in the Zangetsu portion of the film to combat against Kamen Rider Idunn. The Watermelon Lockseed itself is a prototype of the Suika Lockseed. The front plate of the toy is actually a repaint of the Mango Lockseed. The toy has all new sounds of course to reflect the new Lockseed, as well as a number of phrases by Takatora from the movie. Finaly, included with the Lockseed is a faceplate for Kamen Rider Zangetsu. It was released as a Premium Bandai Exclusive in May, 2015 for ¥2,160 before fees. It had a second production run in July, 2015.

Functionality of the toy is simple, and anyone that’s held a Lockseed knows what to expect. The back button will cycle through a number of Takatora phrases from the movie, with “Mitsuzane…” randomly thrown in for good measure. Pressing the top activation button will announce “Watermelon!” in the best voice possible. Inserting into the Sengoku Driver will activate the “Watermelon Arms!” jingle. Of course, like most Lockseeds, it features the usual “Squash!” “Au Lait!” and “Sparking!” attack noises. Of course you can pop it into the Musou Saber for the “Charge!” and “Power!’

The included Zangetsu Faceplate is essentially the same as the one given out in the campaign way back when, but this one reflects Zangetsu’s change in armor color when using the Watermelon Arms. It’s very minimal, but enough to feel like a new faceplate I suppose.

Overall, the Watermelon Lockseed is, well, a Lockseed. If you really dig the gimmick still, it’s a wonderful addition to the collection even if it is only a repaint of the Mango Lockseed. The Zangetsu Faceplate is a nice bonus for those that missed the normal one, even if this one is a little bit different, it can still fill a hole in the collection. A worthwhile purchase for fans of the franchise.

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