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Review: Premium Price DX Ore Ghost Eyecon (Kamen Rider Ghost)

Premium Price DX Ore Ghost Eyecon
September, 2015 – ¥100

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As if packing the Newton Ghost Eyecon into the Surprise Future Set wasn’t enough promotion for the upcoming toy line, Bandai has decided to capture the impulse buy by releasing the Premium Price DX Ore Ghost Eyecon. This toy was sold at retailers in Japan for only ¥100! That’s a DX gimmick item for around 80 cents! I figure Bandai thinks they can sell this to the impulse consumer, and get more people interested in Ghost Eyecons to turn more sales once the Driver hits this weekend. Regardless, the Ore Ghost Eyecon is the main Eyecon Ghost uses to transform, so it’s a great start to the collection. It’s worth noting this is the exact same toy you will get in the DX Ghost Driver. It doesn’t look any different or play any new sounds in the toy.

Without the DX Ghost Driver, the Ore Ghost Eyecon does next to nothing. Pressing the side button will cycle the picture on the Eyecon from the eye, the “G” emblem, Ghost’s face, and the kick emblem. These signify the default mode, activation mode, transformation mode, and final attack modes respectively. The pins that hit the buttons on the Ghost Driver are located at the bottom of the toy, a decorative sticker is on top, and a QR code to unlock stuff on Bandai’s site is on the back. Without any toys to go with it, the DX Ore Ghost Eyecon is pretty simple.

Overall, it’s a toy I can recommend for fans looking to jump right into the toy line and want a preview at what is to come. If you’re planning on picking up the Ghost Driver than obviously there’s no major reason to get this unless you want an extra one to carry around with you, or set on a different display of some sort. Even if you use it as a spare, for ¥100, you can’t go wrong. They’re fun to click.

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