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Review and Demo: Ultimate Charger Collection (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Ultimate Charger Collection
Toys R Us Exclusive – $79.99

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Thanks to some peeks into computer listings, we knew that a 27-Charger set was on the way, we just didn’t know the details, or even the release date. Much to our surprise, Bandai decided to release this set towards the tail end of Dino Charge, as opposed to somewhere during Dino Super Charge. This gave us a look at a number of Chargers that weren’t released at the time, including: Ankylo Charger, Plesio Charger, Titano Charger, Dino Clone Charger, T-Rex Super Charger, Victory Charger, Maximum (Dino X) Charger, and the Super Drive Charger. As mentioned, the set in total includes 27 Dino Chargers, each done with a special paint containing sparkles, to give them a “metallic” finish. The end result is a bit lackluster compared to Japan’s special Zyudenchi set, and just doesn’t have a wow factor to entice people to pick it up. At $79.99 and being a Toys R Us exclusive, the lack of a special Charger or anything to make this set truly exclusive makes it a rather lackluster release.

If you’re someone new to Dino Charge, and just want all the Chargers (sans Dino Drive, and some other odd and end Chargers), this set is an easy way to go about it, and will more than likely hit sale again sometime soon. If you have been or plan to collect all the Dino Charger Power Packs, just set this one back on the shelf, as the sparkly paint isn’t enough to warrant a purchase on this. The sneak peek at some Chargers was worth it when it first released, but considering we have all but one of these Chargers at retail now, the charm of the set is all but gone.


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4 thoughts on “Review and Demo: Ultimate Charger Collection (Power Rangers Dino Charge)”

  1. I feel like Bandai is consistently off by a bit on these bigger sets. They did the same thing with the Ranger sets. There is a cool weapon, but not enough to rebuy the figures. And they come out late enough that most of us have too many of that set to make it worth while. For $80, hey really needed to throw some really special chargers in that box.

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