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Review: DX Lemon Lockseed & Duke Faceplate (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Lemon Lockseed & Duke Faceplate
DVD or Blu-Ray Pack-In Bonus
November, 2015 – ¥7,560 or ¥8,640

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With the original Gaim Gaiden, the Lockseed Edition of the film contained the DX Forbidden Ringo Lockseed along with a faceplate for Kamen Rider Idunn. With that in mind, it wasn’t a huge surprise that the second Gaim Gaiden would have a Lockseed Edition as well. This time around, we get the DX Lemon Lockseed along with a Sengoku Driver faceplate of Kamen Rider Duke. As with all Lockseeds, despite being a repaint of the Kiwi Lockseed, it contains all new transformation and attack sounds, as well as phrases from Ryoma and Takatora from the film. This Lockseed can only be obtained with the purchase of the DVD or Blu-Ray of Gaim Gaiden: Duke and Knuckle, but for fans who want to bypass the DVD, you might be able to find it separately on eBay or Mandarake. I purchased this copy from AmiAmi.

I’ll admit, I have a huge bias towards lemons, so seeing a normal Lockseed for lemon was really exciting. As with most Premium Lockseeds, it contains phrases from Ryoma and Takatora from the movie, which all sound great. The faceplate looks nice, and creates the “Come on!” sound that Baron creates. The chant for the Lockseed is “Incredible Ryoma!” and well, that’s just fantastic. While not used in the series, you can use it with the Lemon Energy Lockseed for some extra lemony action. Finally, the toy naturally has function with the Genesis Driver, Sonic Arrow, Musou Saber, and all other Lockseed related things.

While this set certainly isn’t a must own, it’s a wonderful addition to the collection, especially if you’re a fan of Ryoma. The phrases are nice, the look (despite being a repaint) seems unique, and the chant is nothing short of spectacular. If you love Ryoma, or just love Lockseeds, do yourself a favor and track this one down, with or without the movie.

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