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DX Ultra Fusion Card Holder Review | Ultraman Orb

DX Ultra Fusion Card Holder
July, 2016 – ¥1,600

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To store the Ultra Fusion Cards, Gai has the Ultra Fusion Card Holder attached to a clip on his belt. Now you can too with the DX Ultra Fusion Card Holder. The toy is a decently sized plastic holster that slides open from the side to store up to 20 Ultra Fusion Cards. Included with the toy is an Ultra Fusion Card for Ultraman Tiga Sky Type. This card acts as an Ultraman Tiga card for fusions like Specium Zeperion, but announces “Ultraman Tiga Sky Type” when scanned. According to the package of the toy, Tiga Sky Type can fuse with Max to create Ultraman Orb Sky Dash Max. Unfortunately I don’t have a Max card at this time to test it, and the card itself doesn’t make any note of the possible fusion.

For fans that like to cosplay, or just really want the Tiga Sky Type card, the ¥1,600 price tag at this isn’t bad, and can be found cheaper at a lot of retailers. As for being a toy, it’s sort of basic, and I’ll ultimately end up storing my cards in a binder instead. That being said, the playability for kids and cosplayers is neat, and it serves the basic purpose it sets out to do well. Plus a new card, so yay.

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