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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Double (CycloneJoker)

At long last, Kamen Rider Double has finally hit the S.H.Figuarts line, premiering in his standard CycloneJoker form! He comes packed with his fair share of flaws, but the pros outweigh them this time around, and create one hell of a beautiful figure. Also, before ANYONE goes on a rant about how WFC toys are awesome because you get all forms in three figures. Well, no. My goal is to have all the forms of Double on display at once. That would require me to buy 9 WFC figures ANYWAY, so I might as well get AWESOME figures instead of half assed ones. That is all.

CJ here comes with three sets of hands (finished henshin, kazoero hands, and relaxed hands), as well as two mufflers/scarves, one straight (blowing in the wind) and one down, offering a wide range of various poses for you to stick this guy in. The paint is top notch, the metallic green used on the Cyclone side is nothing but superb, offering a GREAT contrast to the matte finish of the Joker side. Yeah, the unpainted joint and the unpainted GaiaMemories are a bit of a let down, but it’s a small price to pay for such a stellar looking figure. I can’t recommend him enough.

Count up your crimes, and check out Double’s first photo gallery here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157623516735379/

You can purchase one from CSToys here: http://www.cstoysjapan.com/servlet/the-778/S.H.Figuarts-Kamen-Rider-W/Detail

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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kuuga (Rising Mighty)

Welcome to my review of S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Kuuga RISING MIGHTY! This is the review where it dawns on me that I talk way to much, I will try to work on that. I promise nothing.

Anyway, Rising Mighty is a Tamashii Features exclusive, and thankfully, the only Tamashii Features S.H.Figuarts exclusive, or else I think I might have died. He comes with nothing more than 7 hands (2 holding, 2 attack, 2 henshin, and a thumbs up hand). Rising Mighty is a healthy mix of Amazing Mighty (the black form of Mighty, precursor to the ever…amazing Ultimate Form.) and regular old Mighty Form. The “new” bits on Rising Mighty include a gold anklet on his right leg, new deco on his arms, gold trim on his armor, and some fancy Grongi lettering on the pads of his gloves. Does this make him worth the price? No, not really, you’re actually better off going to find Amazing Mighty, as he has all this (plus another gold anklet  and a new color scheme). However, I am a completist, and that’s what we do.

Basically, if you REALLY like Kuuga (I think he’s a cool guy.) or rather, you really like Mighty Form, then I think this is a must, as no Kuuga collection is complete without all the forms! If you’re just a casual collector, just stick to Mighty Form and you’ll still be happy.

Check out the Photo Gallery for this Rising Mighty star at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157623450171889/

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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Another AgitΩ

I, sadly, have yet to see Agito, so I can’t really go into detail about who this guy is, so if you REALLY want to know, march your way over to the Wikipedia and find out.

Another Agito is very SIC-like, in that, being a very biological Rider, he’s basically got muscles, veins, and all that fun stuff that makes him look like an SIC figure. Obviously he isn’t because I own him, and I only do the Figuarts. He is still made of a whole bunch of awesome though.

Anywho, Another Agito here comes with three sets of hands, two wing…muffler…things, and an alternate head (one with an open mouth, one with a mouth plate). He certainly comes with enough accessories to warrant the higher price, even without weapons. You also have to take into account just how beautiful the sculpt is on this guy. He rivals Sieg in terms of sculpt, and makes me really excited for the release of Gills in April. I’ll let the photos speak for the rest of the figure. I just can’t get over his level of detail.

I highly recommend him if you either love Agito (who doesn’t?) or like riders like Shin, ZO, or J who are very biological in design. If you love this figure, look forward to Gills next month, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with him either.

Check out the Photo Gallery for this monster of a Rider here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157623568000018/

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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Gatack

Ahh, Kagami. You started the show as a big pile of useless. Thankfully, you ended the show with a bit of dignity and you were no longer a complete pile of useless. I appreciate your character growth, it made me not hate you. Gatack here is the last in the standard release Kamen Rider Kabuto S.H.Figuarts for my collection. I’m only “missing” the Neotrooper and the Zectrooper, but I’d much rather go after actual cool things, like Amazing Mighty Kuuga or Gaoh. Thus, for all extensive purposes, my Kabuto collection is complete.

Gatack is painted in a brilliant metallic blue, and I absolutely love it. His base sculpt is the same as the other Kabuto Riders, so there’s nothing new there, but the head is sculpted marvelously, as Figuarts always are. He comes with two extra sets of hands (weapon and molester), and his Double Caliburs. The Double Caliburs can be placed on his shoulders, just like the show. they can also be combined together to perform Rider Cutting. I always knew Kagami was an emo kid.

I can’t recommend Gatack enough, especially for you hardcore Kabuto fans out there. He may not come with too many accessories, but his sculpt is great, and he’s almost a necessity for those who already own Kabuto.

Check out the Photo Gallery for Gatack here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157623563449278/


V-Log #26.5 – Kuuga Rising Mighty & CSToys Package 16

I woke up this morning and noticed a box sticking out of my mailbox. I excitedly ran out to get it, pulled it out, only to find another box behind it! Woohoo!

03-05-10 Haul
03-05-10 Haul

From okinawam1978 (An HJU Middleman):
• S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Kuuga (Rising Mighty)

From CSToys International (www.cstoysjapan.com):
• SHS02 – GoseiPink
• SHS03 – GoseiBlack
• SHS04 – GoseiYellow
• SHS05 – GoseiBlue

The new review schedule is:
• Friday – S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Gatack
• Saturday – S.H.Figuarts Another Agito
• Sunday – S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Kuuga (Rising Mighty)
—(Remaining is tentative depending on when the next package arrives)—
• Monday – TF:RotF Voyager Class The Fallen (Target Exclusive Ver.)
• Tuesday – TF:RotF Legends Class Straightaway Shootout (5-Pack)
• Wednesday – S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Double (CycloneJoker)
• Thursday – S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Kuuga (Rising Ultimate ~Both Ver.)