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Review: Thundersaurus Megazord Figure (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Thundersaurus Megazord Figure
$12.99 from Amazon.com


Keep an eye on it on Amazon.com!

In the continuing (albeit unfortunate) trend of re-releasing older Retrofires under the Megazord Figure line, the Thundersaurus Megazord from Power Rangers Dino Thunder has been released again! The Thundersaurus Megazord was originally released in the Power Rangers RPM Retrofire line’s second wave (with Mystic Titan and Valvemax) which saw a very limited release and were incredibly sought after. I picked this guy up for $12.99 from Amazon.com, and as of this post hasn’t been seen in stores. These figures, while usually enjoyable on display, receive a lot of criticism from me, particularly because of their weird joints. Unfortunately the Thundersaurus’s age shows. Being one of the early releases, he doesn’t quite reach the level of articulation the newer figures like the Legendary Megazord have.  Neither arm has an elbow joint, which is obviously an issue when trying to get good poses. While I totally don’t expect the giant drill to have a joint, not having one in the Triceratops arm is a bit of a let down. That being said, the figure LOOKs nice. The silver and gold paint is spot on, and all of the front details of the toy are very beautifuly painted. The back obviously is a big black mess, but that’s basically to be expected with any Bandai America figure.  As much as I hate the lack of arm articulation, I can’t help but love this figure for the paint alone. The design is neat, the paint is great, and that’s enough to tip the scale and make this one a winner. While other figures like the Legendary Megazord outshine this guy in the articulation department, this figure wins in look. Very few Megazord figures come close to the level of detail and paint this one has. If you’re a fan of Dino Thunder, it’s well worth the pick up.

[youtube http://youtu.be/0xKh8FBRTxw]

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