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Review & Demo: Decade and Ichigo GaiaMemories (Gashapon)

Sometime in December, Bandai release a set of six GaiaMemories to be put in large Gashapon Machines.  For those that don’t know, Gashapon Machines are vending machines in Japan that give out small toys and other various items. The first set includes Cyclone, Joker, Luna, Trigger, Decade, and Ichigo. Since I didn’t need the others, I used the complete stellar services of EX_Japan of Yokatta Shopping Service to get the other two for a relatively cheap price, considering what they were going for on eBay and the like.

Anyway, they come packaged in Gashapon Eggs, and come in two halves, as you can see in the video. Snap em together, and you got your GaiaMemory. Decade has 4 sounds (Kamen Ride, Decade, Henshin Sound, and Final Kamen Rider: D-D-D-Decade) while Ichigo has 5 sounds (PIKIN! (Belt appearing), Henshin Sound, ”Effect” Sound, Cyclone Call, and “Ichigo!”). The colors are beautiful as normal, and sound is standard as the Candy Toy Memories were. I can’t recommend these 2 enough for those that are collecting GaiaMemories.

Check out the photo gallery of the items and their interaction with various toys here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157623310366921/


V-Log #23 – Yokatta Package 1 & Upcoming Updates

I’ve been pumping up EX_Japan and her Yokatta Shopping Service for about a month now, and I have finally received my first package from her. I had ordered my haul via Airmail, and it got shipped Tuesday, so 4-5 days seems pretty spectacular. In total, my order consisted of 4 S.H.Figuarts (Agito Storm, Agito Flame, Agito Trinity, and SiegImagin), 2 Gashapon GaiaMemories (Decade & Ichigo), and a Dark Kivat Belt (from Yahoo Japan Auctions). I guess in some stroke of luck you could say (I wouldn’t know what to do if I got all that at once), only the package containing Agito Trinity, and the 2 GaiaMemories arrived. Better something than nothing!

Expect the Gashapon Memories up on Sunday, and Agito Trinity up on Monday.  The rest of the items should be here on Tuesday. Storm and Flame may be in a combined review, I haven’t decided yet. Sieg will get his own review, as will Dark Kivat of course, but expect him last.

As for my announcement, I’m sorry to those of you that were looking forward to Goseiger reviews from me. I’ll be upfront, I spent too much money in December and January, (I’m even going a slight bit over budget this month too, but my birthday in March will help me recoup everything), and I just couldn’t afford to keep up Sentai, Kamen Rider, Figuarts, Transformers, and anything else I happen to need money for it. It just wasn’t possible. Kamen Rider Kiva is what pushed me into the realm of Japanese Toku, and I will continue to follow it. Of course, I want to go back and get belts and weapons I missed of course, on top of older exclusive Figuarts. As you might guess Kamen Rider and Figuarts are my real passion here, and I want to give them the importance in purchases, so Goseiger will have to be put on hold. If I have spare birthday money, I might try to get GoseiGreat or the Tensouder, but for now, don’t expect Goseiger reviews. However, look forward to awesome Transformers and Kamen Rider reviews!

Enjoy the V-Log, and all the upcoming reviews!