New July S.H.Figuarts News!

Hey everyone! Time for a new batch of S.H.Figuarts news, but before I begin, let’s take a glance at the release list as of now:

April 24th:
• Gills
• W – Cyclone Set
• W – Heat Set
• Rising Ixa (Exclusive)
• Skull (Exclusive)
• G3X
• G4
• W – FangJoker
• Kuuga – Growing Form (Exclusive)
• Decade – Fury Form
• Kuuga – Ultimate Form

Your wallet crying yet? I know mine isn’t, as I removed all tear ducts from my wallet after an argument one day, but I hope everyone’s sanity is still in tact, let’s get on with the news!

Zeba Banner

N•Daguba•Zeba, the big bad of Kamen Rider Kuuga, is a Tamashii Web Exclusive, at a price of 3,675¥. Interestingly enough, his banner indicates he was supposed to be announced on February 26th, the same day as Growing Form. Evidently something happened to prevent this and pushed him to a July release instead of June. Thank God. Oh, look! My wallet is attempting to cry but it can’t. How adorable.

Next up, RoboArts, a section of the Tamashii Site, has listings for unannounced Figuarts, within these listings are July’s listings, and here they are. There is one listing for Dragonball Kai. This can easily be picked as Gohan, as his prototype just popped up in Magazines, and it was pretty much assumed he was the next release. Next, there are two listings for Kamen Rider W. One is most likely the Luna Set, and the other is most likely Accel. As I’d love to see Nasca pop up this fast, I highly doubt it. There is also one listing for Agito that I can only assume is Exceed Gills, who I figured was going to be an exclusive but clearly isn’t.

A few days ago we also got pics of this guy:

S.H.Figuarts Ichigo
Up there is the S.H.Figuarts release of Kamen Rider Ichigo. Apparently, HJU’s resident Ichigo experts confirm this to be his “New” Rider 1 design, so he will be in the Silver, Blue, and Green body style seen in the later half of the original Kamen Rider (ie: Not the colors used in The First).

Well, that’s all the damage I’m going to do for today (unless more stuff is announced…) everyone make sure to give your wallet a good hug today!

Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider W

Gashapon GaiaMemory Sets 2-4!

Earlier this afternoon, a scan of what is now confirmed to be Gashapon GaiaMemory Set 4 (Sound Capsule GaiaMemory) was leaked. Not knowing what it was at the time, I poked around the interwebs with “korodou” as my keyword. This led me to the “Gachakorodou” site (a store dedicated to Gashapon toys it seems). I browsed there with “GaiaMemory” as a keyword, and wound up with these.

Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Set 2 (Expected to be released late March) – Accel, Engine, Skull, Fang, Ryuki, and Momotaros

Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Set 2
Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Set 2

Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Set 3 – 3 Unknown W Memories, 2 Unknown Rider Memories, Urataros, Kintaros, and Ryutaros

Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Set 3
Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Set 3

Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Set 4 (due out the 1st of May, according to the scan) – Extreme, Trial, Terror, Nasca, Diend, New Den-O, Deneb, Zeronos

Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Set 4
Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Set 4

I don’t have much to say about Set 2. As for Set 3, things get interesting, as they are unknown. Heat and Metal both have not gotten the Gashapon release. They could make 3 a fun set, and have the 3 W Memories be CycloneJoker, HeatMetal, and LunaTrigger. If 4 is in May, and 2 is in March, it’s safe to assume Set 3 will be in April sometime. As for Set 4, everything is pretty much there. The Rider selection was clearly influenced by the Cho Den-O Trilogy beginning in May and leading into June. Apparently, the Dopant Memories will have about 3 Dopants each. I can read “Smilodon” under the Terror Memory (oddly enough “Nasca” seems to be there too, so maybe they’re backwards?). I’ll post or update this post as more info is released.